FISH SPECIES                            SEASONS                  BEST BAITS                     TIME OF DAY

BLUE CRABS                          Summer, autumn    Fish heads, squid                   All day

BREAM                                   All year, spring       Tube worms, prawn,               Dawn and dusk

FLATHEAD                             All year                   Pilchards, squid, fish strips     All day

GARFISH                                Summer, autumn   Gents, prawn, cockles            All day

KING GEORGE WHITING    All year                   Cockles, prawn, squid,            All day

MULLET                                  Autumn, winter     Seaweed worms, cockles        All day

MULLOWAY                           Summer                 Fish fillets, squid heads          Dusk into the night

SALMON                                Autumn, winter     Pilchards, fish fillets                 Dusk and dawn

SNAPPER                               Summer                  Pilchards, fish fillets, squid     Dusk and dawn

SNOOK                                  All year                   Lures, fish strips                   All day,  night from jetties

SQUID                                    All year                   Artificial jigs, wire jigs             Dusk into the night

TOMMY RUFFS                     All year                   Gents, prawn, cockles             Evening best

YELLOWFIN WHITING         All year                   Cockles, prawn, squid,            All day

Did you know...?

As a general of thumb, blue swimmer crabs are usually caught in local shallow waters during the months that contain the letter ‘R’.

Port Broughton has developed an enviable reputation over the years as one of Australia’s premier locations for truly big snapper. This rather unique inlet from upper Spencer Gulf offers many angling alternatives, from light estuary through to heavy offshore. The inlet itself is almost totally protected from strong winds and provides some first class fishing for yellowfin whiting in the winter time.

Yellowfin to 40 centimetres provide terrific light tackle action from the jetty, with tube worms, prawns and clickers the preferred baits. Yellowfin are caught day and night and most who are there at the right time have little trouble filling a personal quota.

There are salmon trout, mullet and tommies available for much of the year, along with some nice garfish when conditions are calm. However, it is Port Broughton’s offshore potential for top class snapper fishing that really stirs the imagination of visiting anglers. There are some terrific deep water grounds, such as the wreck of the Illusion and Plank Shoal, which produce snapper to 14 kilograms from late spring through the summer months.

Charter operators are on hand to take paying clients out to the offshore snapper grounds, most of whom are highly experienced and regularly achieve exciting results. It is not uncommon for charter groups to catch a boat limit of snapper to 13 kilograms or better. The area’s King George whiting are generally medium size, but there are a few bigger ones taken offshore in deeper water.

You’ll need a good size boat with a big fuel range, as many of the snapper grounds are well offshore – sometimes further than half way across the Gulf. There are plenty of snook offshore as well, along with squid, gar and the occasional flathead. Boat launching facilities at Broughton are excellent. The ramp features dual lanes, twin boarding pontoons, ample security lighting and a spacious, sealed car park.